4 steps to start mining tomorrow:
1 step
2 step
Choose your desired miner model with hosting set-up. Buy it.
3 step
Use your standard bank card or cryptocurrency to make the payment.
4 step
We will deliver your miner to our secure location and connect it to hosting within 24 hours. Monitor your passive income right next day!
ASIC T17 with hosting set-up:
Free economic zone (FEZ) and Fuel power plant
We provide logistics, set-up, and hosting connection within 24 hours. Your passive income starts coming in within the next day. Miners' placement in the Free economic zone next to the fuel power plant provides lower operational expenses.
VAT & Tax free
Should the mining tax be introduced, you will be exempt from it.
Quality assurance and 24/7 support
Control, service, and income optimization are our tasks. Simply monitor your income from your account.
Your account and wallet
Pay for your ASIC + hosting purchase with your bank card or bitcoin. Your earned bitcoins are transferred to your wallet every day.
Insurance and safety
There are no systemic risks you need to assume: our secure territory and complex safety system take care of them. Our miners are new and tested for quality.
Buy miner Т17 with hosting

Video instruction: how to start getting bitcoins in 4 simple steps

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